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JUNE  2018

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Confirmation & Weddings

We Have plenty of cards for all occasions, including confirmation and weddings

Beyond ConfirmationBeyond Confirmation

Baptism and Confirmation are both new beginnings in the Christian journey, but while baptism is more like birth, confirmation is more like graduation from college. And like graduation , confirmation is best seen as a beginning of a new chapter of life, rather than an end.

This book takes a look at the next steps after confirmation, and how we can ensure that we continue to grow as Christians in the months and years to come. It covers areas such as knowing God, what it means to be disciples, being part of the "body of Christ" (the church), sharing our faith with others, and living as Christians in our local community. 

Stephen Hance 

BRF £6.99

being baptised2Being Baptised

The Hand Book for Believer's Baptism

Baptism is a significant rite of passage for many Christians - a public demonstration of changed heart and new life, an act with deep spiritual meaning in response to biblical command.

This lively easy-to-read handbook covers the meaning and mandate for baptism as well as offering guidelines for preparation to get the best out of the event. A great gift for anyone considering baptism, and an excellent resource for church leaders to use in baptism classes.

Stephen Gaukroger

Scripture Union    £5.99

             The Day The Revolution BeganDay Revolution

How can the death of one man two thousand years ago have any relevance to Me? Why did Jesus have to die?

  "Reading this book is like being given a set of X-ray glasses that reveal so much more than we normally see.....An important as well as an excellent book that will enhance the way salvation and discipleship are understood."   Christianity

      SPCK    £12.99   Offer Price   £9.99

 Daily Bible Readings for 2018 

bible in a year           Bible in One Year NIV

             Read by David Suchet

The NIV Bible in One Year is a popular devotional reading plan, which breaks  down the Scriptures into manageable excerpts from the Old and New Testaments each day. This audio edition makes reading the Bible in a year more  accessible, enabling you to experience God's Word wherever you are.

                                                                        SIX MP3 CDs

                                        Hodder & Stoughton   £29.99                                        

EDWJ Complete                        Every Day with Jesus  

        One Year Devotional               Complete In Christ

   This one year collection contains six specially selected themes from Every Day with Jesus to encourage you in your Christian walk. Inside are 365 undated daily readings and prayers, along with suggestions for further study and discussion.

                           CWR   £6.99

Knowing God       Knowing God Through the Year


" How can we turn our knowledge about God into knowledge of God? The rule for doing so is simple but demanding. It is that we turn each truth that we learn about God into matter for meditation before God, leading to prayer and praise to God.

Knowing God is a more complex business than knowing another person. If we spend the rest of our lives at it, there will still be more to comprehend. But the marvel of it is that God's riches are opened up to us to explore."        J.I.Packer

                             Hodder Hardback       £14.99


Readings for Weddings

edited by Mark Oakley

Readings for Weddings is an inspirational collection of Bible quotations, poems, hymns and prose for secular weddings, church ceremonies and services of blessing. Mark Oakley includes such "wedding classics" as 1 Corinthians 13 and Khalil Gibran's The Prophet, the poetry of Shelley and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and verse by Wendy Cope and other witty, contemporary poets


                     SPCK      £9.99 


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