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  APRIL  2018

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New Kids Corner Catalogue


Kids Corner 2018 1 Free Catalogue

Kids Corner

Easter Edition

We have a load of treats for you in this Easter edition. Included is a range of Easter themed books to help children of all ages understand what Jesus' death and resurrection means for  - with mini books at just 50p each.

we also introduce the new Superbook DVDs, with their cutting edge animation and new lower prices - making the Bible  come alive for primary school aged children, and the Beastly Bible Stories for older children - a great take on the Horrible Histories series. Plus plenty of books for younger children and toddlers - all with the aim of helping Children grow in faith. 

If you buy online, there is usually postage or carriage. There are no delivery charges when you come to Living Word (unless you ask for express delivery on a special order). 

Please remember that we can only show here a few of items in the shop.  Please come along and see all the stock !


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